Self-publishers look for value added printing services

Getting your book published can be hard work so printers need to think about they can produce value added self-publishing printing services with additional benefits to help authors and writers.

With the rapid technological improvements that the printing world has experienced in the past decade, book printing in small scales or short run book production has increased in popularity as writers look to get their personal works published with sacrificing an arm and a leg.

To the satisfaction of print companies, the demand for printed products is still sufficient enough as writers want to put their thoughts into a physical publication. However, a recent article from Print Week suggests that this is not as straightforward it is first seems. It’s become so much easier for those using digital means such as blogs or e-books to reach their target audience, but those interested in self-publishing printing may have a difficult time getting their books to the right set of eyes.

If this is really the case, printing companies should not stop at just providing the short run book printing but should extend their services to cover design, marketing and distribution which are all features that self-publishers need assistance with. Printers who offer theses value added services will find that there is definitely ample opportunity in this seemingly expanding market.

Is there really demand for book production by self-publishers? The print week article records to findings that may suggest so. Bill Goss stated that those who are engaging in book printing are individuals, who have very little experience and only want to print in small batches, previously deem unprofitable for large publishers. He states that “Some just want to print a couple of copies for their family, but we’ve found about 90% want it stocked by the likes of Amazon and Waterstones.” Goss goes on to say that here is typically, however, a fairly wide gulf in what they’d like to achieve and how much knowledge, time and money they have to do this.”

This prompts an opportunity for printing companies who can provide these additional services. For those wanting their books published or who are looking for short run printing, make sure you seek printing companies who can offer additional services and help you to achieve your publishing aims by providing great advice.

Self-publishers are an ambitious bunch so make sure that your partner shares the same mind-set. Orbital Print is one such company that offers not only short run printing and book production, but fulfilment, design and distribution services that will guide self-publishers in their quest to release the next best seller. Orbital Print can print a range of books including novel printing, picture books printing, yearbook printing and more.